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Table Pads

You save time and money by ordering your table pads direct from our factory!

Sentry table pads are 1/2 inch thick and include our Aluminum Heat Shield as a standard feature. Our Lifetime Warranty protects your table for a lifetime!

Custom Table Pads

All of our custom table pads are individually hand tailored and made to order. With our expert customer service and our expert factory personnel, Sentry guarantees a perfect fit.

We Specialize in Dining Room Table Pads

We specialize in the custom manufacture of dining room table pads that protect your dining room table. Your beautiful table is an investment that needs the protection of Sentry table pads.

We Manufacture Our Dining Table Pads in Our Own Factory

Sentry manufactures our own dining table pads in our own factory and we ship directly to your home via United Parcel Service. We are the oldest and largest table pad company. We started over 106 years ago in the year 1911. Our president, Steve McKay, is the 4th generation to run our family business.
Aluminum Heat Shield
Every set of Sentry table pads contain our Aluminum Heat Shield. A layer of Aluminum in our protective table pads helps protect your table from accidental heat sources.
This Table Was Saved by Our Aluminum Heat Shield!
Custom Table Pads Aluminum Heat Shield
A Candle Fire Stopped at the Aluminum Heat Shield
Our customer's table was saved by our Aluminum Heat Shield. See Heat Shield Saves Table for more information.

Pivot Locks
Patented Pivot Locks from Sentry lock your table and leaf pad sections together with a positive locking action. Pivot Locks are optional. Please note that Pivot Locks can not be added once the pads are manufactured.
Pivot Locks
Locks your table and leaf pad sections together while in use
Only $25
U.S. Patent 5,244,710
Pivot Lock Photo
Guaranteed Fit
Sentry guarantees that your custom table pad will fit your table. Sentry has a "no fault" policy. In the unlikely event of a fit issue, we will re-make your dining table pad at absolutely no charge.

Watch out for other companies that will charge you full price on a second order if the pads don't fit; they will say it is your error! Don't take that chance. Order risk free with Sentry Table Pad Company.
Lifetime Warranty
Sentry's Limited Lifetime Warranty covers your table top pads from any defect in material or workmanship. We will repair or replace any such defective product at no charge. See Lifetime Warranty for full details.
Best Price Guarantee
Sentry's Best Price Guarantee assures you of the best price. In the unlikely event that you find lower price on best quality 1/2 inch table pads, we will match that price. See Best Price Guarantee for full details.
Competitors $49 Pad is Really a $98 Set of Table Pads
Some competitors are running ads that we consider misleading. Berger's Table Pads advertises "$49/Pad" and Superior Table Pads advertises "$39 Per Piece". The problem with these ads is that two table pad pieces are needed to cover a dining room table. Having one table pad piece is useless; it would be like having eye glasses with only one lens. That is why their $49 Pad is really a $98 Set of Table Pads. If you are looking for thinner budget table pads, Sentry's $69 Clearance Pads gives you a complete set of two table pads that fully cover your dining room table.
Heat Resistant Claims
We believe that there is no scientific basis to make claims for a heat resistant table pad in temperature degrees. The time of heat duration and other factors are variables that must be taken into account. In our opinion, claims made by other companies such as "550 Degree Heat Protection" are unsubstantiated claims with no credibility. See Heat Resistant Claims for more information.
Our Factory Circa 1911 (Natural Gas Lighting!)
Old Table Pad Photo
106 Years of History!
We began manufacturing table pads on January 1, 1911. The company's current president, Steven McKay, is the 4th generation family member to run the business. See Sentry History for more of our history.
Year 1911 Historical Events
Our company started in 1911. It was generally a year of progress and optimism. However, it was only 3 short years until the tragedy of the Great War. It was the year of the 1st Indianapolis 500, the reaching of the South Pole and the introduction of the M19111 pistol. We complied some more interesting historical events from the year 1911. See: Year 1911 Historical Events. For additional information about the year 1911, you may refer to Wikipedia 1911. and World History Project 1911.
Custom Table Pads Compared to Cut-To-Fit Table Pad
Sentry makes thick, custom-made table pads, sometimes referred to as folding table pads, hard table pads, tablepads, table pad covers, or table mats. A cheaper type of table pad is a thin vinyl and polyester product. It is sold under several names including, cut-to-fit table pad, vinyl table pad or vinyl table padding. This product is sold online and in chain stores such as Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Target and Walmart.

The advantage of cut to fit table pads are that they are relatively cheap. However, they provide minimum heat protection since they are less than 1/8 inch thick compared to Sentry's 1/2 inch thick pads. They are not custom built to fit your table and you need to cut the product with your home scissors. The material is not that easy to cut and you will probably have ragged edges. The biggest complaint that customers have is that cut-to-fit table padding does not lie flat on their table. The product comes tightly folded inside a bag and the the folds do not come completely out when put on the table. We believe that Sentry's custom tailored pads are the permanent and the best table pads to protect your dining room table.
Custom Made
Sentry table pads are manufactured to fit the top flat surface of your table. Industry standards allow for a 1/8 inch variance between the pad and the table's flat top surface. Many tables have beveled or rounded edges. It is important to note that made-to-order table pads are designed to cover the flat top surface of a your table and they should not extend over beveled or rounded edges.
Standard construction is for two pad pieces: one piece for each half of the table. Each extension leaf is also a separate piece. This means that a table with two leaf extensions is manufactured in four pieces - two pieces for the table itself and one piece for each leaf extension. This allows you to use your pads in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you use for your table. The Pivot Lock feature locks your pad sections together, again, in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you utilize. Each piece folds in half for storage. See Table Pad Construction Guidelines for complete details.
Table Shapes
The shape of your table determines how to order. For a round table pad, measure the diameter of your table top. For a square table pad, measure the size. For rectangular tables, measure the both the width and the length. For rectangular tables with round corners, you can use the Radius Corner Template. For an oval table pad, a pattern tracing of one half of your table top is needed. Odd shaped tables also need a pattern. Go to Table Shapes for more information.
Order by Manufacturer's Name and Table Number
You can order Sentry table pads by giving us your table manufacturer's name and the table number. We have over 10,000 master patterns on file including many patterns for older tables as well as more current tables. See our Master Patterns Page for helpful hints about table numbers. We recommend that you call us at 1-800-325-4643 and chat with our expert staff. Sentry's experts can verify your information in our computer files and complete your order.
Extra-Large Tables
Rectangular and oval table pads that are over 48 inches wide and/or over 80 inches long and round table pads over 54 inches in diameter are extra-large tables. For these tables, the table pad itself is made in four pieces instead of the normal two pieces. Table leaf extensions are still made in one piece for each extension. The maximum size of a rectangular or oval table pad piece is 48 inches wide (24 inches folded) by 40 inches long. The maximum piece size for round table pad piece is 54 inches (27 inches by 27 inches folded). There are additional "oversize" charges for these extra-large pads. Please refer to the price page. Call us for a quotation for tables over 108 inches long or over 85 inches round.
Protect Your Table!
A table protector pad is the best way to protect your investment in a fine dining table. You appreciate the beauty and value of your table, but kids, pets and even friends and relatives often do not. Kids see the perfect arts and crafts station, pets can climb up on your table and, at some point, a dinner guest will inevitably tip over a wine glass. A dining room table pad cover will protect your table from these accidents.

There are many ways that your table's fine finish can be damaged, some of which can be most unexpected.

Excessive heat from serving dishes and hot liquids can discolor your table's finish, as can hot candle wax dripping from a centerpiece. Exposure to direct sunlight over time can also fade and discolor your table's finish. Sentry's table pads helps protect your table.

Water and alcohol can stain and damage your table. Condensation from cold drinks can leave a permanent water mark, alcohol spills can lift your finish and red wine can leave a colorful stain. Sentry's water-proof vinyl table pad top helps protect your valuable table.

Scratches and dents can happen at a moment's notice. Children doing homework or projects can scratch your table with their books, pens, and craft supplies. Cats and dogs may climb up and do irreversible damage to your table with their curious claws.

Dropped items such as dishes, china and glassware can scratch and dent your table. Your dining room table is a long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture. Give it the protection it needs with a dining room table protector from Sentry.
United Parcel Service Delivery Times
We ship by UPS Ground. Table pads are a heavy product that makes it prohibitively expensive to ship by air service.

Estimated UPS Delivery Times in business days for metropolitan areas are as follows: Albuquerque (2), Atlanta (3), Austin (2), Baltimore (3), Birmingham (2), Boston (4), Buffalo (3), Charlotte (3), Chicago (2), Cincinnati (3), Cleveland (3), Columbus, Ohio (3), Dallas (2), Denver (2), Des Moines (2), Detroit (3), Hartford (4), Houston (2), Jacksonville (3), Kansas City (2), Las Vegas (4), Los Angeles (4), Louisville (2), Madison (3), Memphis (2), Miami (3), Milwaukee (2), Minneapolis and St. Paul (3), Nashville (2), New York City (4), New Jersey (4), New Orleans (2), Oklahoma City (2), Omaha (2), Orlando (3), Philadelphia (4), Phoenix (3), Pittsburgh (3), Portland, Maine (4), Portland, Oregon (4), Providence (4), Richmond (3), Sacramento (5), Salt Lake City (3), San Antonio (2), San Diego (4), San Francisco (5), San Jose (5), Seattle (4), St. Louis (2), Tampa (3), Tulsa (2), Washington, DC (3). Note that business days exclude weekends and holidays.
Reviews and Testimonials
We got our table pads yesterday. They are beautiful! They fit perfectly! We are so close to Thanksgiving, I'm getting so excited. Thank you so much for all your help. You have saved the holiday season (more importantly our dining room table).

We have posted additional Customer Reviews.
Table Pad Storage Bags
Keep your table pads clean and dry while in storage. Our optional Table Pad Storage Bags are water-resistant with a heavy-duty zipper closure and carrying handles. Shipping is free when you are ordering table pads.

Table Pad Storage Bag

Table Leaf Bags
Keep your wooden extension leaf clean and dry while in storage. Our Table Leaf Bag is water-resistant with Velcro closure. (Order one bag for each extension leaf.) Shipping is free when you are ordering table pads.
Table Leaf Bag
Card Table Extenders
Sentry manufactures a Card Table Extender that extends your card table into a larger round table. Available finished sizes 48 inch round and 54 inch round. Card Table Extenders are in stock for immediate shipment.
Card Table Extender

Pool Table Pads
Sentry makes Pool Table Pads which turns your pool table into a dining or entertainment table for parties or special events. Closed-cell polyethylene spacers give you a level finished product. In stock for 8 foot tables. Three week shipment on other table sizes.
Image of table pad protecting a pool table
Grand Piano Table Pads
Sentry makes Piano Table Pads to protect your piano.
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